Mission & Strategy

A clear mission and strategy

More than ever, we are convinced that healthcare for tomorrow is built together in a dynamic of listening and sharing, guided by the responsibility we have towards patients, the healthcare sector, and society at large.

Michel Feraud Chief Executive Officer - Provepharm Life Solutions

A Strategy Based on 5 Pillars

Horizon 2025

Our strategic plan formalizes the actions that we initiated some time ago and will continue to deploy over the next few years.


Our roadmap is clear: pursue our growth by focusing on our strategic pillars, which are:



External Growth: with the diversification of our portfolio and the support of the company transformation

Dev_InterneInternal Development: by concretizing opportunities and generating protected assets

Transformation_CommercialeCommercial Transformation: by diversifying sales channels and being customer and patient-centric

Maitrise_ProductionSecure our APIs and Supply: by securing our independence and increasing supplier reliability

Developpement_StructurelStructural Development: by transforming the company and developing people's leadership and societal responsibility

Our Mission: Act to improve the lives of our Patients, our Employees and our Ecosystem.

<p>All of our employees share this purpose, which drives us forward every day through two main areas of development:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Molecular vitalization</strong>&nbsp;to fully exploit their potential</li> <li><strong>Innovation of&nbsp;new treatments</strong>&nbsp;in niche markets</li> </ul>

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